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Students Registered



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20000+ hrs





97% kids stop pursuing a hobby within 2 months.

A Lot On Your Plate?

A hectic life prevents parents’ from giving the required attention to the child to grow effectively.

Kids Lose Interest, Easily!

Fear of wasting money holds back parents from providing necessary exposure to their child.

Unsure Of Teacher’s Credibility.

Parents don’t know on how to differentiate good teachers from bad ones.

97% kids STOP pursuing a hobby within 2 Months.

A lot on your

Kids lose interest, easily!

Unsure of teacher’s credibility.


Getting Kids Excited To Learn Music.

A lifelong learning needs consistency, patience and discipline.

Micro-Lessons for faster Learning

Unique curriculum designed specially for kids.

Unique curricullum designed specially for kids.

Stage Confidence, For Life

Weekly events, workshops and competitions.

Weekly events, workshops and competitions.

Parents Can Finally Relax.

Regular reports and updates.

Regular reports and updates


Meet Our Best Talent

Prathmesh (14 yrs Old)

Meet Prathamesh, one of a kind and blessed with a beautiful voice, he is an inspiration for all the kids of his age. Despite various challenges, he was featured on various platforms like Sharktank, Superstar India, etc and is a brand ambassador for thinkerbell labs. We are happy to have Prathamesh as our Ukulele student!

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He is
a true
for all kids

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Rockstars, Live In Action

Meet our best talent

Ishika (14 yrs Old)

Ishika's jolly and go getter attitude helps her in outshining others. She is learning keyboard with us and can play any song on the keys easily. Within months, she has written and composed two songs titled "The Sun" and "Wear a Mask", all by herself! We are elated to have a music enthusiast like Ishika, learning with us at Topbeat!

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She is
a true
inspiration for
all kids

Improve Social and Analytical Skills
Through Music

Kids Who Play Music Make More Friends. Easily!

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Hear From Parents Who
Trust Us

Srivani Girish


I would like to thank Topbeat for hosting such events and encouraging kids to participate. Special thanks to Yash sir for making my daughter play so confidently. Kunal Sir's workshops are always so helpful for her and all the other kids. Once again, Thank you Topbeat Fam.

J. K. mishra

New Delhi

So far, we are extremely lucky to have Topbeat. Their community always encourages us while giving their best teaching while keeping all the fun and energy level at a constant pace.

Jaya Srivastava


Thanks to super team of Topbeat for organising these fun filled and engaging activities for these little champions. Prishica is really lucky to have Parth as her mentor.


Our Courses


Beginner’s Course

4 Classes/week

  • Age : 4 to 15 years
  • Duration : 12 - 18 months
  • Classes : 4 per week
  • certification


Beginner’s Course

4 Classes/week

  • Age : 4 to 15 years
  • Duration : 12 - 18 months
  • Classes : 4 per week
  • certification


Beginner’s Course

4 Classes/week

  • Age : 4 to 15 years
  • Duration : 12 - 18 months
  • Classes : 4 per week
  • certification


Professional Teachers Who Loves Teaching

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15 yrs of Guitar Experience

Its a responsibility that every artist should have to spread their own art form. Besides that I love teaching as I am a total music nerd who is expanding his knowledge base every single day.



13 yrs of Guitar Experience

Teaching music is really amazing as you connect with alot of people around the world, shares your experience and knowledge. I always take it as one of the most important education one can get. And I feel blessed to share this education around the world.



7 yrs of Guitar Experinece

The best thing about teaching music is training next generation to be stage-ready. I choose to teach music to combine my passion (teaching) and profession (musician)